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Month One Madness: Backseat AI Monthly Tonka Tea

July 9, 2024

Hey, Backseaters!

It’s been a month since our pre-alpha launch of Backseat AI, and we’re super thankful for the community support and feedback so far! From all the funny clips of Tyler’s AI buddy you’ve shared on Discord to all the awesome ideas for new features, we couldn’t do this without you. 

But of course, we all know what you’re here for: more sauce to help make your League experience better and funner with the Big Tonka T himself.

So let’s dive into the stuff we’ve released recently, as well what we’re working on over the next month and a half:

⭐ What We’ve Shipped

1. Post-Game Lobby – Take 2

This week, we polished up the post-game lobby with a brand new look and more insights. Now, it’s smoother than ever, helping you break down those plays and figure out what went right and what needs some tweaking. Perfect for those “should’ve flashed earlier” moments! 

2. Tyler Wang Has Arrived

A couple of weeks ago, we released Tyler Wang – our Chinese version of Tyler1, to bring Backseat AI to our Chinese-speaking user base. And guess what? We’ve got more language options cooking up. So, stay tuned, because we’re going global, bud!

🎉 What’s On the Come Up

1. Backseat Buddy, Leveled Up 

We’re taking your in-game buddy to the next level. Think more natural voice, role-specific coaching that’s on point. Expect lane matchup breakdowns, item suggestions, pathing suggestions, and more! All with an improved Tyler1 voice model!

2. Pre-Game Tips

Pre-game is about to get lit! Once we’re done perfecting the post-game lobby, we'll work on how to provide you tips to get you prepped before the minions even spawn. Know what to pick, how to build, and more – all based on the meta and your own personal history. Do note that this is still in the pipeline, it'll take time but we will ship this as soon as it's ready!

3. More Community Events: Hangouts, AMAs, Tournaments

We’re not just here to watch you play—we wanna hear from you! We’re kicking off community events and our first AMA. Got questions? Fire away! We’ll be doing these monthly, so keep those queries coming.

4. More Creator Buddies

We heard you: more creator AI buddies are on the way! We’re teaming up with the biggest names in the scene over the next few months to launch on Backseat – complete with their personalities, signature lines and more. You don’t want to miss who we’re releasing first.

👏 Closing Thoughts

One last thing: huge shoutout to all our waitlisters! The response has been immense, and we’re seeing thousands of new sign-ups every day. Thank you for your patience and excitement. We’re working hard to get everyone on board ASAP, and are onboarding more people each and every single day – while still prioritizing app and server stability. Hang tight! 

So, there you have it! We’re hyped about what’s coming next and we hope you are too. Keep grinding, keep winning, and let’s make this month legendary. See you on the Rift! 🎮

Stay awesome,

Backseat Team

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